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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 27, 2015


— special state license plate for alumni member of deaf school

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— another Rick Steves and the deaf tale

Last month DeafDigest mentioned that famous TV
travel host Rick Steves hated movie captions.
A deaf couple spent two weeks in Tuscany, Italy,
following Steves’ travel tips for the disabled
and the deaf.. Yet the travel book gave no
accessibility tips for the deaf. This couple
emailed Steves, explaining lack of accessibiity
tips for the deaf. A staffer responded, but was
stumped and would refer it to Rick. To date, no
response. Who was that couple? Gallaudet president
Alan Hurwitz and wife Vicki!


— a new way of reaching out to the deaf community

There are many deaf groups that get together at
local Starbucks for chatting over coffee. And
there is a nice twist. Paula Rodriguez,
founder and leader of Deaf Focus Services,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is having a coffee
chat at the local Starbucks with members of
the deaf community. Much easier to reach
the deaf in an informal setting. How many
leaders would do the same thing – sharing
same coffee table and sipping coffees



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