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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 27, 2015 morning


— the “ADA” law that failed

we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the
ADA and are thrilled about successes (interpeters,
captions, etc). One nation said their own “ADA”
has failed, and it is older than USA. In Great
Britain, the 1995 Disability Act was passed,
finally after nearly 140 attempts to get the
Parliament to approve it. Yet, deaf British
leaders are saying their own “ADA” is a joke
compared to USA!



— amazing thing about Beethoven we didn’t know about

we know that Beethoven composed his best music,
and possibly the best in the world, after he
became deaf. But there were two other amazing
things about him. He was an old man. He also was
isolated from the world – yet these, plus his
deafness, did not stop him from composing the
world’s best music. Normally best music is composed
by musicians that are much younger. And also
musicians need to know what is going on in the
world; Beethoven didn’t.


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