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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 28, 2015

— a deaf-owned moving company

When deaf people move to a new residence,
it is often a hassle to deal with hearing
professional movers. As a result, many
deaf people ask their friends to help them
with the move. In Rochester, NY, there is
a deaf-owned moving company, with about
10 deaf movers. The company name is
Silent Movers. Not only they move stuff
but they also do gardening services! Only
deaf owned moving company in USA? No,
there seems to be one in the Washington,
DC area but DeafDigest doesn’t know anything
about it – and also at several other
locations. Robert Rademacher, the
company CEO, said business is taking off.

You can take a look at the web site
and pictures of these deaf movers, as
well as deaf gardeners, at:



— hotel is confused about ADA

Everyone knows what is ADA. Do they
really? A deaf couple checked in a
hotel and reminded the staff of their
rights under ADA. The staff was confused,
and then gave them a dental kit (toothbrush
and toothpaste). Why? They thought
ADA meant American Dental Association!
This incident is true, and is not a joke.



— deaf person not allowed to cross the railroad tracks

In a small British town, there is a law that
if anyone wants to cross the railroad tracks
they must use the phone box and ask for
permission. As a result, the deaf people
won’t cross the tracks and risk getting
summons and pay the fine. A deaf person
challenged the law, asking how could he
cross the tracks without getting into
trouble. The signalman replied:

find a hearing person to make the phone call
for you!



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