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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 29, 2015


— a heavy equipment operator in Canada

Robert Nepinak, now a certified certified heavy equipment
operator, in Canada, had a hard time convincing construction
companies to hire him because of his deafness. They felt
deaf people cannot drive cars, let alone operate heavy
construction equipment. They would not believe him when
he told them of his experience with rock truck, skid steer,
dozer, packer and side boom. Even when he told them there
are 90 deaf semi truck drivers in Canada, they still
wouldn’t believe him. Years ago there was a deaf man
in Maryland operating heavy equipment. He had no problem
getting thisjob – only because his father owned the
construction company!



— fined for traffic violations caught on camera

Many cities use cameras to catch traffic violations,
and then to mail the summons to violators’ homes.
Where does the money go? In the case of Belfast,
Northern Ireland, it goes to the purchase of video
displays for the benefit of deaf passengers
on buses and trains.

— not allowed to break a record

This is a true story. During the seventies, Kitty O’Neil,
who was deaf, was a well known high speed driver on land
and water. She broke 22 high speed records. Yet there
was one speed record she was not allowed to break! She and
a male driver both shared the same car, called Motivator.
He paid $25,000 for a contract that only allowed him
to break the world’s overall record. Kitty, while allowed
to break the women’s record, also wanted to break the
world’s overall record. Because of the contract, she
was not allowed to do so. Arguing between his attorneys
and her attorneys went nowhere. It made Kitty very
bitter about the whole speed politics.

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