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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 30, 2015 morning

— name of person is Deaf

Could someone have Deaf as their name? That person
is from Maryland.

Do read below; it was posted in a local newspaper

DEAR AMY: About once a month, my wife and I get together with a
group of our friends for dinner. “Vivian” is a girlfriend of
“Fred,” and is a very nice person.

However, Vivian has a very high, loud and screechy voice.

I deliberately try to sit down the table from her, but sometimes
this is not possible. I know Fred is aware of how annoying her
voice is (his facial expression sometimes gives it away), but I
doubt he has said anything to her.

I would like to say something to Fred, but my wife told me to
hold off. She says it is rude. I simply do not want to attend
any other gatherings where Vivian is in attendance.

What do you advise?
Deaf in Maryland

DEAR DEAF: “Fred” is not in charge of his girlfriend’s voice.

Your choices are: To speak to “Vivian,” (i.e. “Would you mind
lowering your voice just a little bit?”), stay home, or get
over it. I vote for getting over it.



— deaf winner of Miss Teenage Toronto pageant

Neha-Samantha Banerjea, a 14-year old deaf girl, won the
Miss Teenage Greater Toronto Area pageant. She will
be competing at the Miss Teenage Canada this




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