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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 28, 2015

— newest picture of a deaf pizza place

The Mozzeria, owned by Melody and Russell Stein,
was honored when its Peking Duck pizza was rated
as one of the 10 best pizzas in the Bay Area by
the Zagat. If you are in the Bay Area, do make
it a point to sample one of these Mozzeria’s finests!
Anyway, a new picture of this pizzeria is at:




— fear among a few deaf Uber drivers

As DeafDigest has pointed out, Uber is hiring
more deaf drivers. These drivers have a fear –
dealing with angry taxi drivers. This is why
when they are off-duty, they just don’t tell
people they are Uber drivers!


— opportunity to interview Gallaudet presidential finalists

Do you wish to interview Gallaudet presidential finalists?
If so, please visit:





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