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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 28, 2015 morning


— no more Derrick Coleman

Is Derrick Coleman in danger of being cut by the
Seattle Seahawks? A recent Seattle Seahawks blog said:

At the fullback position, Derrick Coleman and Will Tukuafu are likely
battling for one roster spot. Both have played well for the Seahawks in
the past, although Tukuafu could have the advantage due to his ability to
play some other positions.

— best deaf role in a movie

A movie blog said the best deaf character in a movie
was Psych-Out, filmed in 1968. Susan Strasberg played
a 17-year old deaf run away who constantly gets into
trouble and problems for people around her. While
it was 1968, DeafDigest wished it was a real deaf
actress playing a deaf role.

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