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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 27, 2015 morning

— audience impressions from Gallaudet presidential finalist presentations

Who won the best speaker award during the Gallaudet presidential
finalist presentations? Cordano? Lloyd-Ogoke? Reichman?
Comments were mixed. Several walked out during one presentation;
Some said one speaker came in too strong, while the other
speaker did not come out strong at all. Do keep in mind the
best speaker may not necessarily mean the board of trustees
will pick that person as president. There is much more to
consider other than just giving a public presentation.

— a possible reason for the Starkey corporate turmoil

DeafDigest mentioned few weeks ago that top Starkey
corporate executives were sacked. No reason was given,
though DeafDigest suspected it was financial. One
blog hinted that it had a lot to do with the money
being laundered via the Hillary and Chelsea Clinton
Foundation finances. Again, no ironclad evidence.

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