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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 27, 2015

— a very shocking poster

this poster is self explanatory. You have to see it
for yourself!


— prosecutor says deaf driver was frustrated and impatient

The trial opened yesterday of a deaf driver accused of
driving through the San Diego’s Zombie Walk parade,
and hitting a woman. The prosecutor said the driver
was not threatened but was just frustrated and impatient.
He was at the Comic con convention to help the deaf
and then went to his car to drive home. But his car
was trapped when the Zombie Walk parade participants
blocked it. His attorney said the prosecutor is wrong.


— a deaf bribe between India and Pakistan

The Geeta tale never stops, always a different story
every day. The latest story was that India bribed
Pakistan’s EDHI Foundation $155,000 to release Geeta
after taking her of her for about 13-15 years! or click on “jobs”
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