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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 28, 2015


— deaf landlady winning $750,000

Diana Williams is deaf and is a landlady in New York
City. She had a problem with a tenant and it
escalated. Police arrived and arrested her, and
placed her in jail overnight – without an
interpeter and without an explanation of why was
she arrested. Even though she was released next
morning with no charges, she was very upset about
this overnight ordeal, which happened in 2011.
She then filed a lawsuit – and won $750,000
as a settlement.

Her picture is at:

— a last minute CART assignment

Kelly Burwell, a deaf resident of Urbana, Illinois,
was summoned for jury duty. An interpreter was
arranged for her, but never showed up! In such
cases, the deaf juror would be excused from duty
– but the judge did something interesting.
He asked Laurie Workman, a court reporter, to
become the last-minute CART operator! Normally
court reporting and CART are two different
things even though the computer keyboard is
the same. Luckily Laurie was able to an
acceptable job to the satisfaction of the
deaf juror.



— teaching the deaf to vote

The Singapore Association for the Deaf wanted
to teach the deaf how to vote in the national
elections. What did that organization do?
Produced 109 diffferent videos, each explaining
what to vote, how to vote and why to vote, etc!
Admittedly DeafDigest is surprised at that
many videos.




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