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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 28, 2015 morning

— a trick Google question

when people apply for jobs at Google, this company only
wants to hire the best. To screen out applicants who don’t
qualify, the human resources people will ask trick questions.
One such trick question asked in the past is:

You want to design a phone for deaf people; how do you do it?

Would Robert Weitbrecht, the father of the TTY, be able to
answer that question?

— another India-Pakistan deaf trade

So much have been written up about Geeta, that overlooked
is the story of a deaf woman, held in India for many years,
wanting to go back to her home town in Pakistan. She is
42 years old and has serious mental illness issues.
Years ago, she was picked up by police and they
had her committed to a home in India. Now she wants
to come back home!



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