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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 29, 2015 morning


— to cancel SKY or to keep SKY

SKY is a British telecommunications company, which
offers “everything” – telephone, cable and
internet. Many British people hate SKY for one
reason – monthly costs are very expensive. But
for a hearing man, he is stuck! He said
his wife is deaf and watches a lot of SKY
programs that are subtitled. If he cancels
to save money, then his wife will be unhappy!

— body language during court trial

The Zombie Walk automobile accident trial
in San Diego is going on, involving a
deaf driver. An expert witness has been
called to the stand. He analyzed the body
language of the parade participants to
see if they were the reason for the
accident taking place! If the deaf driver
is guilty, he faces 3 years in jail. So,
the body langauge testimony may be


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