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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 25, 2015

— shocking things airline told our #1 deaf model

Nyle DiMarco, our #1 deaf model, asked American Airlines
if captions would be shown on their flight movies.

American Airlines gave him three shocking responses:

** we do not show closed-captioned TV viewing as a standard feature

** close-captioned writing on small screens may cover the monitors

** We have a limited number of close captioned movies for customers
with a hearing disability
See the picture at:



— more on Creed’s deaf girl friend

The hot movie right now is Creed. Whose idea was to cast
a deaf woman as Creed’s girl friend? Sylvester (Rocky)
Stallone? No. It was director Ryan Coogler. He wanted
the audiences to feel good about the boxing story
after watching the film. He felt that if a deaf woman
was shown in a positive way, we would feel good
about it, with no need for sympathy about her hearing
loss! Critics are already saying it is a great movie.

— deaf-owned businesses in Austin, TX

There was a story written up about deaf-owned businesses
in Austin, TX. It is always great that we have
successful deaf-owned businesses. Just one concern –
that Austin is not the only American city with these
deaf-owned businesses. Hearing people, knowing
nothing about the Deaf Culture, may think it is
only in Austin that we have these businesss. We have
many deaf-owned businesses in other cities –
Washington, DC, Rochester, NY and other cities
where Deaf Population is high.



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