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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 25, 2015

— A deaf nose in Boston

Rafael San Miguel is a deaf chemist in a Boston lab.
He uses his nose to smell out changes in flavor in
the mixtures at his lab. His job title is – Flavor
Chemist! He said he smells the mixtures much better
than his fellow chemists because his deafness makes
his smell sense much stronger. This is not a joke –
The Deaf Nose!

See his picture at:


— a real Deaf Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of you.

The Mayflower arrived at the Plymouth Rock in
1620. All of these Pilgrims were hearing. But
nearly 400 years later (well, 396 to be exact)
do we have any deaf descendants of these
Pilgrims? James E. Marsh, Frederick, MD,
a well known member of the local deaf community,
is a direct descendant. There may be others,
but it was James that wrote up this article
in the latest edition of “New Horizons” which
is the publication of Deaf Seniors of

— a big ADA win for the deaf

The Webster Bank, with branches in Connecticut,
Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York, has
agreed with the office of US Attorney to accept
relay communications with the deaf. This is big
because it could lead to Amazon, eBay, and others
to communicate through relay with its deaf
customers. A deaf woman sued eBay and lost,
but that was two years ago. Hopefully this
may change.


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