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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 27, 2015

— a way to announce a new school for the deaf

A family wanted to establish a school for the deaf.
What did they do? Go to the picture to find out:


— some day deaf pilots can fly into major airports

The FAA has never allowed deaf pilots to fly into
major airports which are radio controlled. They
can only fly into small town airports that are not
radio controlled. This may change – according to
a deaf pilot. He said that FAA is working on
including small planes as part of the radio-controlled
data communication services. This will not take
overnight but possibly within 5-6 years from now.

— Trump says he never mocked the disabled

The deaf social media was lit on fire, saying
Trump mocked a disabled journalist during a
speech in South Carolina. Did he really
mock or not? Trump said he mocked the
reporter’s journalism, not his disability.
People watching the speech felt Trump
was not explaining the truth and was just
twisting things around to make himself
look good. Does DeafDigest editor believe
Trump’s explanation? No. To mock the
disabled is the same as mocking the



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