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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 21, 2015

— the world’s most difficult yacht race

The annual yacht race, from Sydney to Hobart
(Australian cities, 630 miles apart) is said to be
the world’s most difficult race. It is a big event
in the yacht racing community. One of the crew members
on one yacht crew is Gavin Reid. He is deaf.
You can see his picture at:


— Google’s comment on captions

Google is one of the world’s biggest technology companies
(Gmail, Youtube, Cloud computing, etc). What does Google
have to say about captions? The company president said
that they want top quality captions on everything and
that they are still working on perfect captioning.

— Agbell’s invention we didn’t know about

Many deaf people hate Alexander Graham Bell because
of his pro-oral, anti-ASL beliefs. And that the
telephone he was said to have invented proved
useless to the deaf for many years — until the
TTY was invented in the early sixties. Did Bell
invent the TTY? No, but he developed the photophone.
It is a special telecommunications device that
sent out radio waves. The TTY used radio waves
to send out messages. Was Bell a complicated
person – yes, but he loved to invent things.


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