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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 22, 2015

— a famous deaf invisible artist

Deaf British artist William Agnew became famous for
his paintings of Queen Elizabeth practicing her
British Sign Language fingerspelling. Where are
these pictures? A mystery – these paintings cannot
be found – thrown away, stolen, misplaced, lost
or destroyed by fire or whatever! So, were his
drawings invisible?

His picture is at:


— deaf-friendly store and hearing-friendly store

Ethik Event is a French events management company with
a strong interest in the needs of the deaf and of the
disabled. Aware that many hearing merchants do not realize
how unfriendly their stores and shops are to the deaf,
Ethik Event has come up with two demonstrations. First
model store is hearing-friendly; the second model store is
deaf-friendly. The deaf-friendly store has flashing signalers,
cash registers with display read outs, captions on their
mounted TV sets, catalogs with pictures and descriptions,
etc. So far, these demonstrations were a success in
Paris and Grenoble. There are plans to set up these
demonstrations in other major European cities.

— Spring Awakening made it

Broadway in Manhattan is world’s theatrical capital.
Every year there are 35-40 new plays. Some succeed,
some are flops, quickly closed after a short run.
Deaf West’s Spring Awakening has made it. The
Associated Press announced their list of top 10
Broadway plays for 2015. Making it at #10
is Spring Awakening.



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