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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 24, 2015

— a success in a very tough job

A real tough job is waiting on tables at a busy restaurant.
It can be hectic for a hearing person – diners demand quick
service, complain of wrong dishes, of dishes too salty,
drinks not strong enough, etc. Yet, deaf Noah Wimberly has
been working as a waiter for ten years at the Social Southern
Table in Lafayette, LA. Knowing patrons get nervous upon
being served by a deaf waiter, he shows his card to tell
them he is deaf and then uses a notepad to communicate
with them on drinks and meals. After a while, these nervous
patrons relax and enjoy their meals. Hearing people
think he is very brave about it, but he doesn’t think so,
just comes with the job (and great tips!). See his
picture with introductory card at:




— more about the popular deaf movie

Last week DeafDigest mentioned the deaf movie
“The Belier Family” being very popular right now
in France. DeafDigest editor has not watched
the movie but hopes to watch it some day.
Anyway – in that movie, there was a story of
the deaf father (farmer) fighting with the
town mayor on farming land issues. He accused
the mayor of wanting to grab the land for
his own purposes. As a result, the deaf father
decided to run for the mayor. And who was his
interpreter during the election campaign –
his hearing teenage daughter! She was very
unhappy about it, because she was trying to
deal with her own issues – as a Coda and as
a teenager, trying to grow up fast!



— comparing captions on different TV sets

A deaf man went to Best Buy and was able to
connect the antenna to different TV models –
Insignia, Toshiba, Sceptre, Vizio and Sony.
He noticed that captions were different with
each TV model. Some captions were great while
some were terrible. Keep in mind, the Best
Buy clerk allowed him to connect the antenna
to each TV set. Other Best Buy stores may
not allow it.



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