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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 25, 2015

— trying to become the first deaf doctor in Japan

Japan has about 70 hard of hearing doctors; they
all function as hearing. There are no profoundly
deaf or Culturally Deaf doctors. Hattori Norishige,
who is deaf, is a student at the Hamamatsu
University School of Medicine in Hamamatsu-shi,
eastern Japan. His goal is to become Japan’s
first profoundly deaf physician. He attended
a gathering of deaf people in the health
care profession in USA and was amazed to find
so many profoundly deaf medical professionals.
His picture is at:


— frustrations of a deaf patient at a hospital

A deaf patient speaks very well. He just cannot
lipread. Yet a hospital has communication problems
with him when the interpreter is not around. It
is fine when the interpreter is on duty. The
angry deaf wife said that she should be able to
check on her husband’s medical issues at all
times instead of having to scramble around to
find an interpeter each time he is not feeling good.


— Deaf drivers in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia allows the deaf to drive cars.
This nation also has Lyft service for
people that need rides. Could the deaf of
Saudi Arabia make a living as Lyft drivers?
Well, there was a story today of Prince
Alwaleed, Saudi Arabia, investing his
money in Lyft ownership. Would he
encourage deaf Saudi Arabians that own
cars to become Lyft drivers?


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