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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 28, 2015

— a sign language calendar

Nakashima Netsuke is a mother of a deaf daughter
in Japan. They both communicate in Japanese
Sign Language. Wanting to create awareness
of sign language used by the deaf, Nakashima
published a Year 2016 Sign Language calendar
that will be distributed in hospitals and
public facilities in Akita-shi, a city in
the northeastern part of Japan. The picture is at:



— deaf person is reason for peace between India & Pakistan

For years India and Pakistan have been enemies.
Hopefully there is peace, helped by Indian Prime
Minister Narendra Modi visiting Pakistani Prime
Minister Nawaz Sharif. What helped thaw the
chill between both nations is a deaf woman –
Geeta! She was lost in Pakistan and held in
that nation for about 12 years before being
returned to India. Public officials wanted to
make sure Geeta’s transfer from Pakistan
to India went smoothly, and this led to
relations getting more friendly!



— getting more strict with real time captions

For years deaf people have complained about bad
real time captions. Hopefully no more! The
National Court Reporters Association
have revised its certification criteria
to help captioners get better training.
The new certificate is called Certified
Realtime Captioner.


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