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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 29, 2015

— from a hospital orderly to a medical photographer

Mohammad Aslam, deaf, is a medical photographer
at a hospital in Kashmir. He is responsible for
taking pictures of patients – before and after
their surgical operations and also during their
medical treatments. The hospital originally hired
him as orderly, responsible for helping doctors
and nurses with non-medical tasks. The hospital
needed a medical photographer and gave him this
job! His picture is at:


— a confusing newspaper story

Few days ago a newspaper in Kansas ran an obit of
a deaf woman. The obit said she attended University
of Kansas School for the Deaf in Lawrence, Kansas,
where she won a certification as a lip-reader.
There is a Kansas School for the Deaf, but it is
in Olathe. And there no such a thing as University
of Kansas School for the Deaf. Also deaf schools
do not give out lipreading certificaes on graduation
day. Obviously the reporter did not know what
he was writing about.


— a messy deaf adoption case in Australia

A deaf mother gave up her child upon birth.
A deaf female same-sex couple, friends of
that deaf mother, agreed to adopt the baby.
Three years later, the deaf mother had
second thoughts and wanted the child back.
The Family Court, confronted with this
mess on their hands – made a decision.
The child will go back to her natural
mother even though she was never raised
by her and her  husband.  The child will spend a
weekend a month with the adoptive parents.
And the child’s last name will be of her
natural mother and not of the adoptive
couple. It was a solution no one was
happy with.


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