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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 30, 2015

— deaf girl told not to play sports because of her deafness

A young deaf girl wanted to play basketball. She was told
to forget it because of her deafness. Years later, she is
playing professional women’s basketball for a team in Great
Britain. That deaf woman is Tori Faieta, who played for
the USA national deaf women’s basketball team and right
now for the Leicester Riders of the professional
Women’s British Basketball League. Her picture is at:


— real reason Spring Awakening will be closed on Broadway

Why is Spring Awakening closing on Broadway when this play
has been popular, and winning praises from everywhere?
Could it have continued much longer than its short
Broadway stand? Broadway is a business. And the longer
the plays continue, the more it prevents new plays
from joining the Broadway list. And eventually in the
long run, people get tired of seeing same old plays!

— angry deaf student gives up

Some months back, deaf student William Sears could
not follow the lectures of the Memorial University
professor Ranee Panjabi. Sears depended on
assistive listening devices and the professor
refused to wear it on around her neck because of
her religious principles. This case went to
mediation in Canada in hopes of reaching a
solution that will make the professor and
student happy. The mediation got nowhere
as both sides got stubborn. As a result,
he gave up. Don’t know what has become of
him now. Very sad.


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