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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 25, 2016

— a movie theater refuses to show open captions

The Westgarth Cinemas has refused to open caption their
movies. The Deaf Community is very angry about it.
A story about the theater’s refusal was written
up in a local newspaper. The theater has made available
their individual captioning devices, but the deaf patrons
said either the device is defective or is not available
upon demand! The theater is in Australia.A picture is at:


— school for the deaf open in freezing weather

It is freezing right now in Hong Kong. The local
government has ordered all schools to close until
the weather gets better. Yet, for some reason,
the school for the deaf was ordered to stay open!
Why? No reason was given.


— a complaint by the blind

The blind people have a complaint. When they go to
the movies, they are given portable captioning
devices! It is not funny. It is the same as the
deaf going to a restaurant and being given
Braille menus.

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