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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 26, 2016

— discovering lost Deaf Films

Deaf people took movies of deaf events many years ago.
These films had been “lost” until just now. These
films have been restored and shown at a big Deaf
Movie event in Great Britain. Four pictures at:

— vibrating sailboats

Do sailboats vibrate to help the deaf? Not really,
but there was one sailboat – named Tenacius.
It just went through the Panama Canal with
a deaf and disabled crew. In the cabins where
the deaf sleep, the pads on the floor
vibrate to alert them. We have few deaf
that are sailboat instructors, but do they
have vibrating sailboats? Doubt it!


— not deaf and can’t hear

In an interview yesterday, a hearing person,
talking about a deaf person, said “she is not
deaf; she just can’t hear.” This is a strange
comment – a deaf person cannot hear.

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