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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 27, 2016

— Nyle DiMarco was not Tyra Banks’ first deaf model

It may be a surprise to many of us, but Nyle DiMarco
was not Tyra Banks’ first deaf model! This honor
belongs to Floyd McClain, Jr, of Southern California.
He modeled in 2008 and came as runner ups. He was
the reason why Tyra changed her mind. She wanted
all of her models to be females but after seeing
him, she quickly changed her mind!

Floyd’s picture and brief explanation is at:



— captions on airplanes, really

There was an announcement that video provider Gogo Vision
has agreed to provide captions on airplane trips. Really?
Gogo Vision has agreed to complete its captioning project
within 18 months from now (meaning target date is August
2017). And these captions are for flights between
American cities. On overseas flights, good question,
and not best news for deaf passengers that travel
to foreign cities!

— 20 years to complete ADA plan

Does it take 20 years to complete a ADA plan? The
Chicago Transit Authority said it would take 20
years to make its rail system 100 percent
ADA-compliant. This is not good news for the
disabled (accessibility ramps) and for the
deaf (captions on displays and on emergency
announcements). 20 years means a lifetime!



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