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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 28, 2016

— a role as a hunter for a deaf actress

In the latest “Into The Mystic” TV episode,
veteran deaf actress Shoshonnah Stern has been
featured as a hunter. A TV critic said she did
a great job acting in that episode. Her picture
is at:

— a new role for a baseball cap

If we see many deaf people wear baseball caps
in the future, it may have nothing to do with
this sport! A team of hearing aid specialists
from a university in Chennai (India) has
come up with a special cap. It holds a hidden
hearing aid! A sponge inside the cap functions
as a hearing aid. Not exactly sure how this works,
though. They are saying it is for people that
are ashamed to show their hearing aids in public!


— a reason for hated hearing man to avoid sign language

Deaf activists hate Alexander Graham Bell because
of his anti-sign language, pro-oralism views. But
was there a reason for Bell not liking sign
language? He was a dyslexic. People with dyslexia
have problems reading. They are forced to use
“tricks” to allow them to read in a different way.
Maybe sign language scared him off because of
his problems reading in a normal way? His
telephone invention led to the TTY years later.



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