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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 1, 2016

— captions, bottom or top or middle or everywhere

Always arguments on where to best place the captions –
bottom (blocks the weather streaming), top (blocks
basketball scoreboard) or middle (may block person’s
face, etc). Do you want captions that look like this:


— zero Deaf Super Bowl plans

We have had ASL singers during the Star Spangled Banner
songs in past Super Bowls. Who is our next ASL signer?
Dunno. Will all TV commercials be captioned? Dunno.
Only thing about the deaf during the Super Bowl weekend
is the deaf puppy during the Puppy Bowl. What is
going on?


— it is up to FCC

DeafDigest announced last week that Gogo, the provider
of the airplane captions, promised to install captions
within a reasonable amount of time. DeafDigest was
disappointed that this agreement will not apply on
overseas flights, only in flights over American
airplace. What was overlooked was that it is up
to FCC to approve Gogo’s agreement. If for some
reason FCC says no, then the agreement is dead!


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