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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 24, 2016

— a make-up brand produced by a deaf woman

The cosmetics industry is very competitive
(L’OrĂ©al, Revlon, Avon, etc). Very difficult
market to get into. It did not prevent a
deaf woman, Paula Durance (Leicester, Great
Britain) from partnering with a hearing
woman to come up with a new brand – Ardere.
It is a full line cosmetics range. Paula
said she wants to make other women feel
good about themselves. A picture of
Paula and her hearing partner is at:


— hearing child screaming; deaf mother not hear

In Swindon, a British city of 210,000 people, a hearing
4-year old child was trapped between outside door and
inside door in her mother’s apartment. The inside
door locked by itself and she couldn’t get out, and
she screamed to get help Fortunately, the
apartment manager heard it and called the police.
The firemen were called to come to rescue her.
Deaf mother? She was in the apartment but was not
aware of what had happened, and was shocked, and
was crying hard about it.


— long list of ADA lawsuits

A law magazine said that ADA lawsuits have a long
list – being sued are: hotels, restaurants, theaters,
convention centers, stores, service establishments,
healthcare facilities, transportation depots, libraries,
recreation places, schools, etc. Ouch!

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