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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 25, 2016

— a Deaf Drone company

A Deaf Drone flying over our heads? Yes, if two deaf
entrepreneurs Anthony Mowl and Hector Brual,
both of Austin, TX, have their way. They wowed the
hearing audience at the International Drone Expo
competition, and have formed Aerial Productions.
The goal is to get the company up and running and
to show the world what deaf businesses can do. The
picture of the duo is at:


— many restaurants are guilty

Many restaurants are guilty of one major ADA
violation! They do not print out the daily
specials for the benefit of deaf patrons.
The waiters do verbally explain the daily
specials for hearing patrons, but say “never
mind” when serving the deaf patrons. This was
an issue raised by a restaurant critic in a
Twin Cities (Minnesota) newspaper.

— a big crisis with one video relay center

Winnepig is coming up soon with their brand new
video relay center. And there is a big time
crisis – not enough interpreters! How bad
is the crisis? There is a program at
Red River College to train interpreters.
But only four or five students graduate
per year from that program. And there is
a second crisis – almost all of these
students are females. If a deaf relay
user prefers a male interpreter, there may
be no one around!


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