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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 26, 2016

— possibility of deaf character in real movie

For years the Daredvil comics have featured a deaf
heroine (Echo/Maya Lopez) in these action scenes.
Lately this comic book publisher is thinking of
moving up to real movies (just like these
Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Hulk movies).
If this is the case then we hope a deaf
actress, not a hearing actress, will play
the Echo role. For a mysterious picture,
look at:


— biggest worry in all hearing colleges

Every college has a worry (money, declining enrollment,
images of bad behavior among athletes, low academic
standards, enrollment issues, etc). But what is
the #1 worry among all of these collges? It is
how to make the deaf (and disabled) students
happy and to avoid these ADA discrimination
lawsuits. This was the topic in a web posting
— a deaf feud that began during the Super Bowl

No end to troubles for the Starkey group
(Starkey Hearing Technologies and the
Starkey Hearing Foundation). The manufacturer
made front page news when top officers were
fired, accused of financial improprieities,
leading to all these lawsuits. And now this
– the foundation, during the Super Bowl week,
had deaf children fitted on stage during a
free hearing aid event. California Association
of the Deaf did not like it, saying deaf children
were exploited.


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