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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 14, 2016

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— deaf, not dead

David Norah, a deaf man, was not feeling well,
so had his hearing wife make a telephone
call in Great Britain with the Department
of Work and Pensions to make a medical
appointment. The receptionist was puzzled
because David was listed as dead in the
computer. For that reason, the agency
stopped sending him retirement checks.
Even though the laughing receptionist
agreed it was a spelling error, the
agency did not make changes on the
computer. As a result a hearing
is coming up to prove that the husband
is very much alive, while deaf, but
in serious need of medical attention!
The picture of the deaf, not dead, man is at:




— do not wear a hearing aid!

Do not wear a hearing aid! Wearing it is not
allowed in World Deaf Sports competition.
England was facing India in the World Deaf
Cricket semi finals. A referee caught one
of the players on the India team wearing
a hearing aid and immediately awarded a
forfeit win to England. So, instead of
India facing Pakistan for the championship,
it is England versus Pakistan!

— not good news for deaf actors on Switched at Birth

Switched at Birth will end after this current
TV season. What this means is that hearing
actors would have a much easier time finding
new acting roles, while our deaf actors will




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