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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 23, 2016

— interpreters that quit

About 25 percent of interpreters plan to quit
their jobs and seek different careers. Reason
given were – expensive training fees, no
encouragement from peers and mentors, lack of
appreciation from their clients, etc. It is
happening, not in USA, but in Great Britain!
Just be grateful that for all of the
interpreting problems in USA, we still have
interpreters! A picture of a signing British
interpreter at:


— a letter of apology

A letter of apology was sent to the family of Nyle
DiMarco. Why wasn’t the letter sent directly to
him, DeafDigest does not know. Anyway it was from
a speech teacher at one of the deaf schools he
attended in the past, apologizing for “forcing”
him to wear a hearing aid! DeafDigest does not know
who the teacher was or the school the teacher
taught speech.
— struggle between FCC and TV stations on captions

The FCC has a rule that captions be placed in the
right position on the screen. The captioners can
move the captions to the right position. But why
do captions go to wrong positions, after being
positioned correctly by the captioner? TV
stations often move the captions, without the
knowledge of FCC and of the captioner! A war
we do not know about.



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