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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 24, 2016


— a TV executive said a bad word about the deaf

Japan Broadcasting Company Chairperson Momii Katsuto,
during a meeting of board of directors, said a
bad word when someone brought up a matter about
the deaf. His comments leaked out, forcing him
to apologize. Yet, it is not the first time he
said the same thing about the deaf! Exactly
what word did he use? The newspapers just said
– derogatory. A picture is at:




— Lloyds not knowing difference between deaf and hearing

Lloyds, based in Great Britain, is one of the world’s
biggest and most famous financial and insurance services
company in the world. A deaf client contacted Lloyds,
informing them of his deafness and requested assistance
on a financial matter. What did Lloyd tell him? To just
call them instead of writing a letter. Lloyds, in fact,
said the same thing several times. It had to take an
inpendent ombudsman to straighten it all out!
— CI described as a simple operation

A newspaper story described a CI operation as a simple
procedure. Go in deaf and go out hearing. That so easy?
Operations of any kind is never a simple procedure.
What if the CI surgeon operated on the wrong ear!
Not funny!



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