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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 25, 2016

— impossible, says a judge

Carrie Ann Inaba is one of the judges with the
Dancing with the Stars TV program. Impossible is what
she thought when she realized that Nyle is deaf, saying
music is required to dance perfectly. Nyle admitted that
his biggest fear was making a fool out of himself!
Nyle’s partner, Petra said she was scared to dance with
a deaf person! It must be remembered that Marlee Matlin
once competed on that program, finishing 7th, higher
than most of the contestants. A picture of the judge
is at:


— deaf computer security specialists

The world of computers can be scary – hacking, fraud,
spoofing, malware, spying, etc. Do we have any deaf
computer professionals that fight against these
computer crimes? Good question – but there is a special
class in computer security for deaf professionals that
are interested in joining the international fight. This
special class is taking place in Rochester, NY.
— a machine that lipreads

Is there such a thing as a lipreading machine?
This is not a joke. A group of researchers at
University of East Anglia (Norwich, Great
Britain) is working on a lipreading machine.
Without knowing too much about it, DeafDigest
waits and see how this idea develops.


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