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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 28, 2016

— a famous person’s hypocrisy

A famous woman helped a deaf school raise money by
sponsoring a special event. She was criticized by many
people for being a hypocrite – no real interest in
deaf but wanting attention by TV and newspapers.
Who was that famous person? A picture is at:


— DiMarco’s perfect dance has two mistakes

No one is perfect. Nyle admitted he made a mistake
during his dance but was “lucky” that the judges
overlooked it. This leads to a second mistake!
By admitting publicly that he made an overlooked
mistake, the judges will be watching Nyle even
much closely to make sure he will be penalized on
his future mistakes! If he kept quiet, the judges
would not watch him that closely!


— lazy bus driver drops off deaf student at wrong stop

A 10-year old deaf girl in a mainstreamed program in
Ohio was dropped off at her old bus stop after
school. She had to wait 45 minutes before her
distraught mother realized she was missing at
her new bus stop. The mother gave the school
system information on change of bus stops. The
information was acknowledged but the bus driver
never noticed it even if it was on his list of
students with their bus stops. The school system
is not too happy about it and said the bus
driver was disciplined.



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