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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 29, 2016

— another Nyle surprise

Every day there are always different stories about
Nyle, the deaf model turned dancer. The most
recent story is a surprise – it is not just that
he is a twin, but his twin brother looks so
different from him. And this twin, a redhead,
is by far the much better dancer than Nyle!
Nyle also has an older brother – Neal, a
past Gallaudet football player who broke
the college record for the longest
interception return for touchdown
(95 yards against Catholic University).
Anyway, for a picture of the DiMarco twins,


— impatient federal judges

Normally when there are ADA violations about
web sites not being deaf friendly, the
Department of Justice would deal with it
first, taking a long time to reach settlement.
Well, there are more federal judges that
are impatient; they no longer wait for
Department of Justice to do something;
instead these judges take action themselves.
So, the impatience of these judges is
helping the deaf!


— confession of a financial writer

Paul Scott, not deaf, is a financial writer
for a financial web site. He also conducts
audio interviews with people in the financial
industry. Aware that his interviews are
not accessible to the deaf, he did something
about it. He hired a captioner to caption
the interview. Who paid for the captioning
expenses? Of course, not Paul Scott! He
collected donations from his fans for
that purpose! One-time captions? Hope not.
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