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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 31, 2016

— conditions not too good for deaf patients

Medical facilities in a city were surveyed on services
to deaf patients. Results – long wait times for
interpreters; deaf patients not advised of these
long wait times; doctors do not know how to
deal with deaf patients; medical staff not given
deaf awareness training workshops; this survey
took place in Worcestershire (Great Britain)
but bad medical conditions have been happening
in USA despite our “powerful” ADA! A picture
is at:


— judges trained on how to deal with the deaf

In USA, almost all judges do not know how to
deal with the deaf. Yes, there are interpreters,
but still – the judges are rather clueless. Does
it hurt the deaf in the courtroom? In Jamaica,
deaf service agency conducted a workshop for
all judges in a government district – on how
to deal with the deaf! It was understood that
the judges were favorable about this training
arrangements. Why isn’t it happening in USA?


— split between former movie house partners

In Eugene, OR, partners that owned two different
movie houses, had a business dispute, and as a
result, agreed to split up their holdings. This
split may have made the Deaf Community happy!
Former partner Julie Blonshteyn supports open
captions – and when she was given charge of
one movie house, she has promised to offer
captions one day a week. In the past open
captions were not offered at all in both
movie houses!


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