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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 20, 2016

— a national salon champion

Charlotte Visor, a deaf British woman, defeated
thousands of competitors to win the the Association
of Hairdressers and Therapists nail art national
championship. Fussy and not satisfied with her
original nail design, she changed it the day
before the championships took place – and
won. Hopefully the championship will get
new business from hearing patrons that
need to get their nails done. Her picture
is at:


— one person dropped out

The newspapers today were full of stories of Chief of
Justice “learning” sign language to deliver oath
to a group of deaf attorneys becoming members of
the Supreme Court bar. Did one deaf attorney
drop out? The original story said a group of
13 would be sworn in, but today’s story said
12. Anyway, over the years the Supreme Court
only heard just a handful of deaf cases. And
almost all members of the Supreme Court bar
spend a lifetime as attorneys without
arguing a case at the court.


– Uber works with a deaf agency

Uber is now working with a deaf agency to try
to recruit more deaf drivers. DeafDigest
hopes this all works out – because if more
hearing and more deaf drivers work for Uber,
it only means one thing – less rides for
them, and less income! Something to do
with glut of Uber drivers competing for
a fixed number of daily customers that need


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