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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 26, 2016

— deaf group going viral on social media

from time to time we see deaf sign-sing performers at
athletic events, but after the event, everything
is pretty much forgotten. Not that so with The
Phoenix Deaf Women Organization, consisting of
Jessica Mikolay Madsen, Melissa Yingst Huber,
Belinda Carroll and Dyan Sue Kovacs. The group’s
sign-singing before the start of the Phoenix Mercury
women’s basketball game went viral. This group
is hoping for an invitation to a repeat
performance. A picture is at:


— Nyle’s 4th trick in his bag of tricks

What was Nyle’s fourth trick in his bag of
tricks (no music, blindfold, changed music)?
The fourth trick was no trick – just dancing
straightforward, possibly disappointing
the audience that expected a 4th trick!


— a state bill that respects the deaf

Michigan state Rep. Martin Howrylak was
successful in passing a bill that disallows
such words like – deaf and dumb, deaf-mute,
hearing-impaired from language in state
book of laws. These words are being
replaced with – deaf, hard of hearing
and deafness. He said he read through the
state book of laws and found six of these
bad words. All it needs right now is for
Gov. Rick Snyder to sign that bill into law.



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