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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 27, 2016

— steak sign language

The waitstaff at the fancy London steakhouse – Hawksmoor
are learning British Sign Language. The management
felt it was the best way for them to communicate with
each other in a very noisy environment – as well as
to communicate with deaf diners. The managment felt
that secret sign language is wrong and that the
British Sign Language is better. See picture at:


— a deaf teacher wins after long battle

Richard Koenigsberg, who is deaf and teaches
Sociology and Film at East Brunswick High School
(New Jersey) finally won his battle with the
school districut to be provided with CART
services. He does not use sign language and
requested CART. The district said no. He filed
a complaint with the EEOC and won. He has no
problems with one-on-one sessions and with
staff meetings because the past administration
were helpful. But when the administration
changed, then he lost all the support he had.


— Nyle’s future plans

What is Nyle’s future plans? Not sure if it is
a joke or a fact but there is some talk of him
entering the The Bachelor TV series. Which
is better for him – The Bachelor or a big
movie starring role?


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