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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 25, 2016

— deaf may flunk out at old University of Salamanca

DeafDigeest editor is touring Portugal and
visited the University of Salamanca (in Spain,
but near Portugal). It was leearned that
lectures at old University of Salamanca campus
were in in total darkness. If a deaf student
took classes, then darkness may prevent him
from success. The new University of Salamanca
campus, however, is modern. A picture is at:


— deaf shocked by bad news

The deaf people of Connecticut had interpreters
for years. Suddenly – no more. Governor Dannel
Malloy is trying to save money by laying off
interpreters. This sudden shutdown came with
no warning. DeafDigest hopes Malloy will realize
his error and restore full interpeting services
This shutdown has become a nightmare for
him because Deaf Community is fighting back.


— DC actors angry at Gallaudet University

People love watching plays at Fringe theaters
anywhere in USA, especially in Washington, DC.
For the first time, plays are being shown on
the Gallaudet campus – but it has created
problems. Gallaudet requires full accessibility,
something the Fringe people did not really
realize. If there is no solution, then
the Fringe groups may leave Gallaudet next year.


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