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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 25, 2016


— a hard-working deaf farmer

Few days ago an obituary was published in a
Saskatechewan newspaper, honoring Willie
Hanelt, a deaf farmer in Benson, a tiny
town of 400 people. He worked on the family
farm and did everything that had to be done –
hauling grain, feeding the cattle, doing the
farm recordkeeping, identifying the better bulls
at auctions, maintaining the garden surrounding
the family home, etc. Whatever had to be done,
he would do it. When he was young, he had a
choice – between attending a school for the
deaf or staying home as a family farmer. He
chose farming, and never regretting it.
He is a Deaf Success story in Canada,
though not too many deaf people outside
of Saskatechewan knew about. A picture
is at:


— deaf woman teaching hearing women to protect themselves

Zaineb Abdulla, who is deaf and a resident of Chicago,
looks weak – just over five feet tall and weighing
just over 100 pounds. Yet she teaches hearing Muslim
women how to protect themselves when they’re out in
the public. She teaches them defensive moves in case
they’re physically threatened. She is an officer
with the Deaf Planet Soul, a social service agency
that empowers the deaf to fight for their rights.
Yet it is hearing women that come to her!


— a cruel Kansas power utility company

Is Kansas City Power and Light Company
cruel? This company turned off power at the
house where a seriously ill deaf child lived.
She depends on electricity to keep her
support systems running. Her condition
was so bad that a local hospital told the
power company not to shut off electricity.
The power company ignored the request
and still shut off the power. It made
the local news. Fortunately for the
deaf child, an anonymous person came
forward and paid the outstanding
electrical bill. The family was too
impoverished to be able to keep up with
the payments.


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