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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 23, 2017

— an unusual convention that deaf person attended

A deaf person attended a convention that we would
say it is unusual. Take a look at:


— interpreter’s biggest fear many years ago

An interpreter was interviewed by a newspaper
reporter. She said she began as an “in-house”
interpreter for her deaf family while growing
up. Her biggest fear at that time was that
if she made an interpreting error, it
would affect communications between her
deaf family and the hearing person.
The interpreter said she was frightened
of it happening!


— deaf woman not allowed to join a hearing tour

A deaf woman wanted to join a hearing tour.
The tour directors would not allow her – because
of her deafness! They felt her deafness was
a burden they oculdn’t handle. It is not
happening in USA, but in China! As a result
she had to join hearing family members on
their tours, not always the best idea for her.



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