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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 27, 2017


— deaf with many skills

Ché-Lee Nel, who is deaf, is a singer, actress, model
and motivational speaker in Johannesburg, South
Africa. She will be making her first album of
her songs at a theater. Her age? Just 10 years
old! Her picture is at:


— pushing for open captions in one state

A bill is being proposed in Nebraska to force
theaters to offer open captions at theaters
with at least five screens at one location.
These captions are to be shown at least
twice a week with films that has this
open feature. Will opponents fight the
bill? Sure!


— Halloween prank in January

A deaf man in Florida was arrested and
charged for being a public nuisance.
What was his crime? Wearing a mop
on top of his head, knocking the
neighbor’s door, and asking to
“borrow” an egg. The deaf man said
he meant no harm, and that the mop
was a joke and he really needed one
egg. The neighbor waa not amused
because Halloween is out of season.



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