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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 14, 2017

— union problems in Los Angeles

DeafWest is one of the top deaf acting groups in
USA. It has won national acclaim for producing
top plays. And this leads to a problem – union
rules. Union says actors must be paid for
their work. A big issue is performing in
a small theater (99 seats or under) or a bigger
theater (100 seats or higher). DeafWest is
worried that if expenses go up, because of
union rules, the future may be troubled. A
picture is at:


— a bad Coda habit

A story in one of these today’s newspapers
featured a Coda. She said that while growing
up, she was always using the telephone to
make appointments with doctors, dentists,
hairdressers, etc. And at restaurants,
placing orders for her family. One habit
she found hard to break was to continue
placing orders at restaurants even for
her hearing husband and hearing children!


— cannot hide deafness at work

A British survey said that one of every
five employees hide their disability in
the workplace. They hide to avoid being
fired or being bullied or harrassed.
This refers to hearing employees with
their own (hidden) disabilities. Deaf
employees are simply out of luck.



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