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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 15, 2017

— a comedian insults the deaf, kicked out

Comedian Ross Browne, not deaf, got the Irish deaf and
Irish interpreters very angry. At an event, he used
gestures that were impossible to understand, making
fun of someone else. As a result, he was kicked off
the stage and ejected from the building, much to the
cheers from the audience. A picture is at:


— Purple Relay no more!

Many deaf people love Purple relay. No more!
There were rumors that something has happened
to Purple. Now this – another relay provider
(not Sorenson) has purchased Purple Relay.
It is ZVRS! Good or bad? This means we have
one less relay provider to serve us. We need
time to figure if this is really good or really
bad for us. DeafDigest hopes it is good for us.


— activist says sign language choice is political

Should we have just one sign language that can be
used everywhere by all deaf in the world? Or should
each nation use their own sign language that others
do not understand. This was an issue brought up by
an activist. As an example, Spanish is spoken by
many nations. Two Spanish speaking strangers, from
different parts of the world, can reasonably
understand each other, despite dialects. Not that
so with sign language!


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Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— redlining a deaf community

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