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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 16, 2017

— a real diverse international deaf organization

There is an international organization that has
teachers, students, mechanics, farmers, bankers,
programmers, priests, employed people, retired
people of both genders. That organization is the
Deaf Pilots Association; members are Americans,
Europeans, and Australians. There was a write up
about it in a newspaper today. A picture is at:


— breaking a world deaf travel record

The late Irwin Bosch, a New Yorker,
traveled 107 nations, probably holding
an old deaf travel record. This travel record
has been broken by deaf Englishman Tony
Giles, with 116 nations visited to his


— a room where cops take their breaks

When police officers are tired and need a few
minutes of rest, break and relaxation, they
go to their breakroom at the police station.
The breakroom at the Greenwich (CT) Police
headquarters is named the Anne Carson
Breakroom. This woman, deaf all her life,
was the one that introduced the police
to the uses and ways of the TTY machine
way back years ago. She liked the police
officers so much that she often baked
cakes for them! Not sure if it is the
only police breakroom in the world
that is named after a deaf person.



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— deaf world traveler

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