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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 20, 2017

— ADA helps an invention become popular

     More shops and takeout places have kiosks,
which help the deaf with their orders.
     A newspaper story said that ADA is the
reason for these many kiosks everywhere. Business
owners, always afraid of these ADA lawsuits,
have been installing these kiosks.
     A picture is at:


— many youtube captions

     It was announced that over one billion youtube
videos are now captioned. This is great.
     The hope is that quality of these captions will
continue to improve.
     But if the quality stays the same, it will be
a disappointment to all of us


— wasting the skills of a deaf immigrant

     Sushil (full name not known) lives in Colorado.
He is an immigrant from Nepal and has been in
USA for 9 years.
     In Nepal, he owned his computer business,
earning enough money to travel all over the world.
He knows much about technology, design and
     Yet in USA he lost jobs because of communication
issues. No one wanted to hire him. And even one
social service placed him in a program with other
intellectually challenged cients!
     Are we wasting the skills of Sushil along
with many other highly skilled deaf immigrants?


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