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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 22, 2017

— a trick by a deaf machinist

A deaf machinist has been employed by the same company
for fifty years. He said that the trick was to feel
the vibrations better than what hearing employees
would know by these sounds! As a result his machined
products were better than what they could produce!
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— confession of a deaf referee

A deaf referee. that functions as a hearing person
when using his hearing aid, had a confession. He
would remove his hearing aid while refereeing an
athletic contest. He said with hearing aid he would
hear abusive remarks by the players – and so, felt
better off not using it!


— notetaking vs CART

Many deaf people do not use sign language.
For them, they must rely on something else
to keep up with the discussions in the
classroom. This would mean CART, yet it
was surprising that a deaf student at
University of Louisiana-Lafayette
would not provide him with a notetaker.
As a result he has filed a discrimination
lawsuit. This is puzzling – why notetaking
and not CART?



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