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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – March 7, 2017

— a demanding job for young deaf person

Many people love to golf. And when they go to golf
courses, they hire caddies for two reasons, to
carry their golf carts and to advise them on
best clubs to use for each shots. This requires
communications. And we have a young deaf woman
who is a caddy – Amber Heun, who works a golf
course in Wisconsin. If she gets good tips
from golfers it means one thing – she has done
a great job! A picture is at:


— a praise from Marlee Matlin

A praise from Marlee Matlin, who is quite
outspoken in her own right. She praised
Robert Osborne, not deaf, that departed us.
He was a well known movie historian and a
movie host with the Turner Movie Classics.
Marlee said in a tweet that he was of
pure class and one of the first people
in Hollywood who supported her breaking
barriers. RIP.


— a doctor overrules a nurse

DeafDigest mentioned a few days ago that
a deaf British woman was refused admission
to a hospital. The nurse thought she
was not really a British citizen and not
entitled to free medical services. The
nurse kept on questioning that deaf woman
for three continuous hours, not believing
that she was born in Great Britain. A
doctor saw it and stopped the nurse from
continuing to question her – and immediately
gave her the medical treatment she needed.
The deaf woman was born in Great Britain but
her ancestors were Native Americans! Racism
against the deaf? Yes!



Latest deaf jobs

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— best waiter in restaurant

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